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  • Softback Book: The Healing Eyes of Mercy. A Trinity of Love by Karen Schwaner Sheehy


    Softback Book: "The Healing Eyes of Mercy - A Trinity of Love is a marvelous piece of work! Hopefully, many people reading it will have their eyes open to "The Healing Eyes of Mercy" in their own lives! God would be so please to usher them into His bountiful love!" - Paulette Renaudin, Magnificat Ministries

    "One of the most inpirational books I've ever been given the privledge to read. This book is going to touch the hearts and souls of many, and I dare say, they will never be the same!" - Paige Rosato, WINE (Women In the New Evangelization at CatholicVineyard.com)

    "In The Healing Eyes of Mercy: A Trinity of Love, Karen Sheehy invites us into her life's journey. In so doing, we can walk with her in faith, even in the darkest times of life. She shares her experience of God's compassion, fidelity and mercy. Her story reminds us of God's incredible love and the ways he brings light into our darkness." - Most Reverand Gregory Aymond, Archbishop of New OrleansĀ